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Solar Controllers

We started building our Solar Controllerss for our own use, but quickly realized that the quality and features in our systems far exceed the industry standard and our products have been in continuous demand ever since!

Our Solar Controllers use state-of-the-art equipment and technology and follow extremely stringent quality controls, guidelines and measures, unlike many of our competitors who simply rebrand generic third party solar controllers.

All of our equipment is manufactured in our own facility and is based on industry requirements to ensure that they work to the highest possible standard and we are constantly testing and trialling new prototypes in the “field” to further improve our already excellent controllers.

Austral Solar Control TS01

The Austral Solar Control TS01 offers many innovations not seen in other products on the market and is fully automated with pre-defined programming procedures which further increase its efficiency and ensures the need for minimal manual intervention. Some of the features of the Austral Solar Control system are:

  • Automated Test Pattern
  • Relay Protection
  • Pump Protection
  • Sensor Error Alert
  • Sample & Hold Temperature Display
  • Operating Modes: Auto, Manual and Standby Mode

Our Solar Controls are very user-friendly and with three integrated LED display panels it is possible to accurately set the desired temperature to exactly the level you are interested in. Our LED displays are visible even in direct sunlight, and provide you with information about the Pool Temperature and the Roof Temperature and with the easy to follow instructions printed right on the face of the unit, you never have to worry about getting it wrong.

All of our Solar Controls come with a two year manufactures warranty against workmanship or defects and knowing that you have purchased your unit from a company that not only designed but also built it, ensures that if you ever do have a problem we will be able to provide you with full support for years to come! In addition our Controllers have been manufactured with technological advancements in mind and therefore can be updated with new versions of software once developed.

Solar Collectors

With decades of experience under our belt, we know what works and what doesn’t and we’ve built the most efficient and effective Solar Collector in the industry. Our large bore collectors have a unique design that allows more heat to be trapped – not only does this increase the sun catchment area to 130% but it also increases the volume capacity of the unit to a massive 250%! Simply put, our large bore collectors are able to heat large volumes of water quicker than anything else out there and we can do it at a fraction of the cost of powered systems.

Sticky Solutions

The collector material has a unique fluted base which provides a lager surface area. When the Solar Collector is glued to the roof using a Polyurethane adhesive the glue enters the groves which locks the collector into place. We have also gone to the extent of engineered our own barb and grommets to provide a leak free connection which couldn’t be guaranteed with off the shelf products.

Our Design

Austral Solar’s unique design allows more heat can be harnessed and the large bore collector also prevents blockages which often render small bore collectors useless. At Austral Solar we have carried out a series of trials and experiments to determine the best materials and colours for solar collection and have determined that black collector materials are by the far the most efficient in absorbing energy.

Many companies provide coloured and dual coloured extrusions which simply are not as efficient or practical in all applications. Coloured pigments have a tendency to migrate from the collector material over time and dual colour extrusions have been known to de-laminate all of which contribute to a reduced life expectancy and efficiency of the collector.


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