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As a result of 30 years of hard work, dedication and customer feedback, Austral Solar has graciously fostered a reputation for quality, innovation, practicality and value.

We believe this success is testament to our unwavering principles and beliefs:

  • Employ, Develop & Provide the BEST Products, Services, Practices & People
  • Value for Money
  • Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Industry Practices & Standards
  • Company Branding & Reputation
  • Specialised, focused & dedicated to solar pool heating.
  • Custom built Systems designed to compliment the roof profile and surroundings. We don’t use prefabricated kits.
  • Exclusive product, designed, tried and tested by us to suit the intended application. We don’t use off the shelf product or materials.
  • Seasoned installation teams who are trained, qualified, experienced and insured.
  • While we embrace technology, we don’t jump from gimmick to gimmick looking for a marketing point of difference. Our products and installation procedures are based on real world hydraulic principles and practicalities.
  • Our products are not imported, rebadged, generically manufactured or available from our competitors.

Fortunately with Austral Solar there is absolutely no need to panic if you are having problems turning your unit on. There are a simple steps that you need to carry out to get your Solar back on track.

  • First of all, you need to ensure that the power cords and the wires are properly plugged in and have not loosened in anyway.
  • Next confirm the power supply to the power point by simply plugging in another appliance such as a radio or lamp into the point.
  • If that doesn’t work then you should check the temperature setting to see whether the ‘Set’ temperature is set very low. This might have resulted in achieving that temperature quickly. You can adjust the temperature settings by using the up and down arrows on the front of the controller.
  • If none of the above seem to work, there might be a problem in the pump operation which can be tested by inserting the pump directly into a power point and bypassing the controller. Do not forget to check the circuit breakers or fuses on the main power board or hard wired time clocks.
  • If all else fails of course, we are only a phone call away and can either help diagnose your problem with you over the telephone or dispatch and engineer to work on it for you.

If your pump is directly connected to a power point or via a piggy back lead this could result in continuous power to the Solar, bypassing the controller. This will never be the case if your Austral Solar solution was installed by one of our certified engineers, but if you have had anyone else install it for you; you need to check all the solar system plugs and leads to ensure they are properly fixed.

High temperatures can be displayed when the pump has insufficient water and there is inadequate flow. To resolve this issue, you need to ensure a certain level of water is present in the pump at all times to avoid heating of water as this might result in false readings. If your Solar has sufficient water, another reason for high temperature results could be from a damaged thermo-sensor or cable. You need to check the cable and connections for damage.

The Austral Solar solution has been designed to switch off when the roof temperature drops below 20 degrees. If your Roof Sensor has been placed in a shady spot or is cooled in some way, you should relocate this to a sunnier area. Alternatively your Solar will switch off when the pool has achieved the ‘Set’ temperature – you can adjust the temperature settings by using the up and down arrows on the front of the controller.

This is usually caused by a Power Black/Brown out. You should turn the controller off and back on during daytime hours. This will reset the unit’s test cycles and standby modes.

Any surface that faces: North, West or is flat in orientation.

Often referred to as a percentage (%) of the pools surface area. A pool that is 10 x 4 meters has a surface area of 40 square meters (length x width). 40 square meters of solar collector is therefore 100% of the pools surface area.

Based on Melbourne’s weather it is common practice to instal at least 100% solar coverage however additional coverage will increase performance, usage and decrease the time required to achieve your desired swim temperature.

Austral Solar is 100% Australian owned and operated, with our head office located in Mornington, Victoria. Our exclusive products, services and materials are selectively distributed by authorised agents in other locations across Victoria.

Our coverage recommendations take into account all known factors that may influence the efficiencies of the proposed system while catering to the clients expectations/requirements.

  • Flow rates influenced by system design & location
  • Roof direction, pitch & material
  • Wind & shade
  • Pool colour, collector colour
  • Water features, negative edges, slides etc.
  • Spa jets, aeration
  • Use of pool covers & the types of covers (Bubble, foam, mesh, etc.)

The majority of our clients desire a swimming temperature of 28-30 degrees. Such temperatures are often achieved within two (2) consecutively warm days.

Black Solar collector is not only the best colour for absorbing heating, but it also lasts longer – however we can offer alternatives.


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